Domain with registration

- Domain Names Since from 1999 year
- Management on your NS servers
- Very well suited for inbox mailing.
- Minimum package of 5 pieces
- 30 days warranty

domain (2)@1x

Domains from 1999 to 2018 year

Trust domains for any of your tasks

- Domain names are install only to your NS servers
- You can use any public NS server to use our domains
- Services «СloudFlare», «Incapsula», «DnsPod» and others
- Domain names are random, without selection
- Domain names are well suited for sending to corporate email addresses

About Trust domains


What are trust domain names?

These are domain names registered at various times, used by their owners under for websites, they are now in the public domain and we sell them for you. They have a positive reputation, MozRank + MozTrust

How to use purchased domains?

You provide us your NS records or use them on our NS servers. It is also possible to indicate entries through us. It is also possible to specify "ChildNS" - To do this, you need to provide the IP addresses of your server.

What can trust domain names be used for?

You can use domain names for any purpose other than child porn.

Is there a guarantee for domain names?

There is a 15-day guarantee for each domain name, if during this time something happens with the domain name, we will replace it completely free of charge.