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Quality and fast SMTP servers for mailing, on corporate and regular email! On issuing an order, you get access to MAIL servers ready for mass mailings! You pay - We do! All for you!


SMTP servers configured on system programs such as (exim/postfix)

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24/7 Expert Support

Support you at any time, and help solve problems and tasks related.


FREE Socks5

We include a domain with every annual "Unlimited" plan and, unlike most hosts, we don't charge a fees.


Unlimited Email

Create unlimited addresses with POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts. WebMail included in access.



We make the settings so that you can use multithreading to speed up your mailing.


Free SSL Security

For each SMTP server we connect the SSL certificate with a security level of 2048-bit.

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Fast SSD Storage

To our own servers. We connect only SSD NVMe drives to ensure that customers are satisfied.


How many letters can be sent from smtp?

From one smtp server on exim/postfix, you can send 25.000 letters per day. 1000 letters per hour.
With 10 servers, you can send 250.000 letters per day, 10.000 letters per hour. If you do not comply with these recommendations, you can spoil the SMTP server!

What ports work on smtp?

All mail ports, including imap, pop3, ssl/tls work on the smtp server. The SMTP is well-suited for the software of the AMS Enterprise and not only.

What is inbox?

Delivery of the message to the inbox folder depends on many factors, for our part We do our work 100%. Evaluation of the mail tester 10 out of 10. By default, it is well delivered to inbox on corporate mailboxes. For a good inbox on big services (gmail, yahoo, aol and other types of similar) requires warming up the server. We will be able to choose the best options, the main thing is to contact us before you buy! 

Can I attach files to a message?

Yes, but not all file permissions go through spam filters well, so please consult our support before sending attachments.